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Trickster Season 2 - ggFTW First 10

Video Info

ggFTW's "First 10" videos show the first ten minutes of an MMORPG from a new player's standpoint. Today we check out Trickster Season 2 -- an MMORPG by SG Interactive. This First 10 takes us through creating a character, the tutorial quests, and transforming a cat into a duck.

Game Info

Trickster Online
Trickster Online
Game rating: 8.3


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Uhhmm the grinding fields are still there, just people are too lazy to use them :P

Cait - 08-11-2012

i know what u mean but still...
it makes the game look difficult
but its pretty easy and simple
i wish they brought back the grinding fields *sigh*
they messed up the game alot when they took those fields away now if someone does the quests there are still gaps between them so its kinda slow-paced now D:

Tsubayumi - 06-12-2011

Holy crook, so much have changed since I last played. @w@

LaTale - 04-06-2011

Pretty good first look, it's very entertaining and interesting. :)

Jon - 03-22-2011

This is just a look at the first 10 minutes :( There's no way to cover all of that in that timeframe heh. It should be noted that it was extremely difficult for me to look at this as a "new player" as I have quite a bit of experience playing this game.

NoeJeko - 03-22-2011

*edit equip ur pet*

Tsubayumi - 03-21-2011

if u read the brown papyrus thingies which are popping up certain times say exactly what u have to do
they really simplified it.
like equip ur LVL1 stuffs, lvlup ur lvl1 pet, use skill at tinnie etc...
it also shows where should one distribute its bonus points... so actually if a totally dummy starts to play but reads the brief descriptions they can easily take the character from lvl 1 to 10 or so. and the pointing arrows are shown only in the tutorial section, which ends at blooming cora

Tsubayumi - 03-21-2011

Don't think that's feasible for a "new player" who started for 10 minutes.

Kotarou - 03-21-2011

the review was ok but it need more details... like what the game about... what this and that... how everything works... what are the characters about... skills and GamePlay and ect .... erm... pretty much just need more details about the game and everything else...

Wendyfav3 - 03-20-2011

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