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Eden Eternal - ggFTW First 10

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ggFTW's "First 10" videos show the first ten minutes of an MMORPG from a new player's perspective. Today we check out the closed beta test of Eden Eternal -- a new MMORPG from Aeria Games. This First 10 takes us through an overview of the UI, character creation, a look at combat, and a quest to get rid of the floating people.

Game Info

Eden Eternal
Eden Eternal
Game rating: 8.7


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kickasz - 04-08-2012

I played this game during the CB and did not have any of the problems exhibited in this review. The graphics and the gameplay were great. I can't wait for the OB!

Miyaji - 06-12-2011

They've escalated the issue to the developers. The review system runs dual Nvidia GTX570s (SLI) -- far above the recommended specs for the game. It's either a similar issue between this and Asda2 or it's a driver issue as the cards have performed wonderfully for more than 100 game reviews.

I definitely agree that it's a nice game and regret that we weren't able to get a glitchless video; however, look for more as the game progresses into Open Beta and beyond!

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NoeJeko - 06-10-2011

I guess its ur graphics card, since u had a similar problem with asda2, and i had something like that with some items on my old computer
And i havent experienced anything like that while playing, but i started CB yesterday, so it might have been fixed since then

well its a nice game with its unique system and it also has lovely characters

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Tsubayumi - 06-09-2011

It should be noted that this review was on a closed beta test and some bugs are expected. We've been hearing some very good things about the game and look forward to reviewing the later releases.

NoeJeko - 06-04-2011

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