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Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga Set to Celebrate Lunar New Year

An exciting array of events has just been announced by Gravity to celebrate Lunar New Year in their ...

January 23rd

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New Update Announced for Allods

Here's a bit of news from gPotato. Allods Online, their expansive hit MMORPG, is set to release a new ...

January 20th

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Silkroad-R Officially Launched

Hot off the presses, Joymax has officially announced today the successful launch of their new title, ...

January 18th

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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online Goes Free-to-Play

A bit of exciting news for any trekkies out there: Perfect World Entertainment, along with Cryptic ...

January 18th

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Eden Eternal

Brand New Release for Eden Eternal

Fresh info from Aeria Games: their hit free-to-play MMORPG, Eden Eternal, has just had a new content patch ...

January 18th

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

First Updated Unveiled for Star Wars: The Old Republic

One month after its highly successful launch, Bioware and LucasArts are set to release the first ...

January 12th

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Tera Online

Tera Online Beta Sign Up Opened

The registration for the European version of Tera Online, which is hosted by Frogster. More information ...

January 12th

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League of Legends

League of Legends Comes to Russia

Fresh news from Riot Games, comrades! The company behind the hit MMO title, League of Legends, has announced today ...

January 11th

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Mythos Global Open Beta Testing Announcement

Fresh news from Hanbitsoft and T3Fun: Mythos, their highly anticipated action MMORPG, will be beginning ...

January 9th

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Project Blackout

Project Blackout Anniversary Celebration

The hit MMOFPS from publisher SG Interactive, Project Blackout, is set to celebrate its one-year anniversary ...

January 6th

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Cabal Online

Cabal Online European Servers to Merge

Announced just today by both and Gameforge, the European publishers of the hit ...

January 6th

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Taking a Look Back at Hellgate 2011 Stats

T3Fun, the publisher of the hit MMO shooter Hellgate, has just released some interesting stats from 2011, ...

January 4th

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Scarlet Legacy

End of the Year Content for Scarlet Legacy

Here's a bit of exciting news for anyone who might enjoy GamesCampus' hit fantasy MMORPG, Scarlet Legacy: there ...

December 28th

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Eudemons Online

Eudemons Expansion Launched Today

Eudemons Online, the hit MMORPG from the publisher NetDragon, has officially launched its newest expansion ...

December 22nd

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Golfstar Update, Just in Time for Christmas

The golf MMO from gamigo, Golfstar, has just had an update officially implemented. The patch has arrived ...

December 22nd

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