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Wonderland Online: Konno Tsuruko Strategy

Wonderland Online
Wonderland Online

Konno Tsuruko, a gorgeous character in a red kimono, is one of the most popular characters in Wonderland Online. Not only is she beautiful, she's also powerful. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to train her to become a formidable force in this MMOG. Since Konno Tsuruko's original ability attributes are INT+2 and WIS+3, it's usually best to make her a Mage.

Fire Mage
Konno Tsuruko's starting attributes give her higher SP and more powerful spell damage than the other characters. Despite this, she has some trouble leveling up when beginning her career. Before long, though, she can learn a high level skill/spell and deliver incredible amounts of damage. She fulfills a critical role in instances or group PK. We suggest players choose fire as her element. When she levels up, apply ability points to give her WIS+2 and INT+1. Last but not least, make sure to master the Fire Dance skill, which launches a deadly fireball at your target. You'll soon find that Konno Tsuruko's superb dancing can kill a great many enemies.

Wind Mage
Even though Konno Tsuruko is a talented Mage, she still has a disadvantage that cannot be neglected. Her speed is quite low compared to other players, so consider choosing Wind as her element. Despite lower SP to start, a Wind-element Konno Tsuruko can use her speed to help defeat her enemies. Once she learns more high level skills/spells, her high speed and damage will make for a powerful combination.

It may mean some tough moments early on, but creating a powerful Konno Tsuruko character can be very rewarding long-term. Give these tips a try and find out for yourself!

Visit the official Wonderland Online site at to get detailed information about each character. Visit for more on IGG's growing family of games.

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