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War of Legends New Update

War of Legends
War of Legends

Jagex Games Studio, the UK's largest independent games studio, today announced an exciting new update to its popular free-to-play MMORTS game, War of Legends.

This latest War of Legends expansion adds a number of new features, gameplay and tasks including:

- New PvP Elements
Players can now pit Legend against Legend in the ultimate battle. The Feng Shen Tower will match your Legend up with other Legend of a similar power level, settling the question of who has the most powerful Legend once and for all.

- New Legends Status
High Legends can now be upgraded to True Legend status, one step closer to the covetable God level of Legend. This not only increases various attributes (magic, strategy and courage), but also allows Legends to work through another 100 levels, equipping mounts and obtaining new items which are exclusive to True Legends!

- Legends Trade-in
Players with Legend they no longer need can now trade them in to gain items and rewards. The higher the level of the Legend traded the better items you'll receive.

- Magic Cards
For players who prefer more strategic battles this update introduces Magic cards, a new type of item which can be used against enemy Governors to effect a variety of factors such as food production, marching and training speeds for their troops giving you the upper hand in battle.

- Map Expansions
This update unveils The Great Battlefield where you test your skills against colossal armies. Similar to the Strongholds in appearance the Great Battlefield introduces more co-operative gameplay by opening up decision making which previously was limited to the battle leader. For those victorious The Great Battlefield holds massive rewards for you and your Legend.

With new famous Legends, items, positions to be earned, over 400 new tasks to be completed, gems to mount on to armour, and a challenging expansion to the Special Paradises; there's something for every type of War of Legends player in this mammoth update.

War of Legends, which was published by Jagex earlier this year, is a hugely popular free-to-play strategy game. War of Legends' rich back-story, based on ancient Chinese mythology, paired with depth of content, graphics and community support makes War of Legends one of the leading free to play real-time strategy games.

War of Legends is available to play for free by visiting

Downloads, info, & more: War of Legends on ggFTW!

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