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Update 0.305 for Wakfu


Ankama has rolled out an update for its open beta MMORPG Wakfu available everywhere except - you guessed it - North America. The update brings two new classes - the Sacriers and Xelors - and a new arcade dungeon.

The arcade dungeon is Wakfu's ladder system where winners will be immortalized via statues at the dungeon entrances. The arcade dungeons have two modes, time attack and survival, with goals obvious from the mode names.

Wakfu's latest patch also carries a number of miscellaneous updates including changes to the politics system, ecosystem, crafting, architecture, monster balance, and interactions with Islands of Wakfu.

Below: screenshots from the latest patch.

Wakfu Screenshots

Wakfu Screenshots

Wakfu Screenshots

Wakfu Screenshots

Downloads, info, & more: Wakfu on ggFTW!

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