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Unique Aid System for Scarlet Legacy

Scarlet Legacy
Scarlet Legacy

GamesCampus has announced a "never before seen" feature for its upcoming MMORPG Scarlet Legacy--the auto-help system. Players configure triggers called Combat Aid with buffs, heals, potions, etc. to use when others in the group call for aid.

Independently of groups, a system called Chain Kill allows players to leverage rapid chain-kills of enemies to gain stronger buffs as they progress.

Furthermore, after level 30 players can enter into a master/apprentice relationship.  Apprentices gain additional experience when the master is online and the master gains gold when the apprentice levels up. We're seeing a VERY strong market for master/apprentice services in Scarlet Legacy.

Finally, the PR mentioned two other systems of interest.  Scarlet Legacy boasts a couple/marriage system not all that dissimilar from other games.  A new Fealty system is unlocked when characters reach max level allowing players to swear fealty to others in exchange for in-game benefits up to and including cash shop.

Downloads, info, & more: Scarlet Legacy on ggFTW!

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