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Tournament Server for Caesary


The tournament server is a unique concept where, the server will be an event server and reset after a time period. The first ever knockout style tournament on Caesary, complete with end game, cash prizes, and in game Gold for the winning league towards the next round. A league based competition which entails 4 months of regular play culminating in an elimination tournament.

Leagues will be limited in size to 20 members. Leagues may have an unlimited amount of diplomatic allies but ultimately will have to fight each other for the right to win the game. During elimination stages leagues will be paired off using a draw and will then attempt to colonize and hold the enemy Hosts capitol city for a period of 7 days to knock the league out of the competition. Once defeated the losing league will become vassals of the winners and will fight alongside that league. The event will eventually end with 2 super leagues going head to head in an all out battle to colonize the enemy Host. At this point the entire server will be split into 2 giant leagues and the biggest epic battles ever seen in Caesary shall then take place. The winning league shall forever be named Caesary champions and a shrine erected in their honor.

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Downloads, info, & more: Caesary on ggFTW!

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