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TLBB Ancient World Update

Tian Long Ba Bu
Tian Long Ba Bu

Tian Long Ba Bu (TLBB) has a new trick up its martial-arts MMORPG sleeve, the Ancient World update. The update brings two new scenes, Ancient City and Ancient Maze, as well as the Golden Chain instance loop.

Supposedly, the Ancient City and Ancient Maze are filled with ancient creatures of ancient horror navigable by ancient players to receive ancient loot. Ok, maybe the last half of that sentence was a stretch, but they do say the new zones have new creatures and we presumed they'd be ancient.

The new TLBB regions also feature two new bosses.

These screenshots may not be ancient, but the worlds depicted therein may be.

TLBB Screenshots

TLBB Screenshots

TLBB Screenshots

TLBB Screenshots

Downloads, info, & more: Tian Long Ba Bu on ggFTW!

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