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Tales of Fantasy: The Master Transformers

Tales of Fantasy
Tales of Fantasy

"As long as I'm here, we play by MY rules." Druids in Tale of Fantasy are masters of controlling the battlefield. Getting into a fight against even one of them can be a recipe for disaster. Druids are often seen as having the best of both worlds, able to play the roles of both Archmage and Assassin. Mesmerizing and disabling enemies on the battlefield, a Druid can then make use of the shadows to inflict their wrath upon their enemies. A well-trained Druid can even surpass an Assassin at his or her own game, striking a chord of terror in the hearts of would-be opponents.

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A druid can assume three animal forms: the monkey, bear and deer.

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As a monkey, Druids employ the deadly stealth of an Assassin. Staying in the shadows, the Druid can quickly strike with "Slit-Throat" to deal 200% damage to unsuspecting enemies from behind, crippling them before they can make a move.

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In bear form, Druids become immune to control magic with "Bear's Vigor." They can also land a stunning blow against enemies with "Savage Smash." This combination is perfect for the Druid who wants to play the role of tank.

Less overtly aggressive Druids do well in deer form, granting a 100% boost to MP recovery. Though they can often avoid drawing attention from enemies, they can use "Entangle" to snare any would-be aggressor, leaving them completely immobile and helpless against the Druid.

Tales of Fantasy Screenshots

Becoming one with nature, Druids employ its strengths to their advantage, adopting these bestial forms in ways that enhance their skills. Druids have always prided themselves on their multipurpose combat abilities, giving them a flexibility that allows them to seize the upper hand in any situation. Try the Druid class out and see if you agree.

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