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Support Japan Through Angels Online

Angels Online
Angels Online

What goes on in a game like Angels Online is trivial compared to the seriousness of the recent disasters that have stricken the land and people of Japan. In the midst of such terror and devastation, the spirit of the people of Japan nevertheless remains as strong as ever as they unite to persevere through these trying times. In their own small way, many Angels Online players from across the world have come together in-game to pray for the victims these disasters and to show their support for those who continue to suffer.

In the beginner's city of the Angel Lyceum, players can often be seen standing united as they pray for peace and send their collected goodwill out to those in need. The game has provided people from all walks of life with a place where they can interact with one another and share their wishes for a brighter future.

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The Prayer Ribbon Project recently launched in Angels Online allows players Level 21 or higher to show their support with a special Prayer Ribbon. Bearing the symbol of a yellow ribbon, their unity sends a message of hope and love. To reward these players for their dedication, the Angels Online team has been giving out a Prayer Amulet Box to those who remain online for at least 4 hours. Inside is a delightful surprise. The Prayer Ribbons grant incredible stats to players when equipped and last for 30 days.

The Symbolism of the Yellow Ribbon
During the 1970s, the popular song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree" revived a centuries-old tradition of using a yellow ribbon to show support for loved ones far away. Another story tells of a freed convict who wrote a letter to his wife asking her to tie a yellow ribbon on an oak tree to let him know she still loved him. If she did not, he would continue on his way instead of returning home. Since then, the yellow ribbon has come to represent freedom, love, peace and faith.

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The Prayer Ribbon Project is just one of many events in Angels Online that helps to promote a sense of community. Check out the official site at for the latest on Angels Online events. Visit to learn more about IGG's growing family of games.

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0 April 12th, 2011 12:44 am
I'm not a Angels Online player, but reading this story, players and the developers are sharing their message of hope and luck to Japan out there. I give them plus brownie points for doing that... And hopefully sooner or later other MMOs will pull a similar project like this to spread our hopes to Japan!

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