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S4 League Season 2: Iron Eyes

S4 League
S4 League

Alaplaya released details on the season 2 update for S4 League titled Iron Eyes. The update is scheduled to release end of July and contains new game modes, maps, weapons, and costumes.

Two new maps come with season 2 including Skyline and Ironheart. Skyline pits players against each other in aerial combat leveraging strategic use of jump points whereas Ironheart presents a spherical world in which players must also dodge unstable nuclear reactions.

Finally, the update introduces the Siege game mode as well as new weapons and costumes. Siege mode seems to be a bit of a "capture-the-flag" mode of team warfare.

While waiting for the patch, check out some of the new artwork below:

S4 League Artwork

S4 League Artwork

S4 League Artwork

Downloads, info, & more: S4 League on ggFTW!

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