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Ryzom's Patch 1.10 Brings Great New PvP


It is with much pleasure that we announce the release of patch 1.10 for Ryzom that include an enhanced great new PvP. The patch will be applied in the morning of October 18.

Here's the outline of the new patch:

1) The PvP system has been completely redesigned and improved: We have changed PvP to extend to all civilizations and factions. You will now discover new Flags (for civilizations and factions) and an enhancement of fame as it is central to this new system. In addition, chat channels have been added for each faction.

2) Your apartment can now be visited by your friends! Who has not dreamed of organizing a little party in his beloved home on Atys? Inviting others is possible via the WebIG application RyzHome (SHIFT-W in game).

3) The Web application RyzHome, presented at the Video Festival in Paris, is now available to everyone! You can, using your RPP (RolePlay Points) buy items to decorate your apartment as you wish, to for your own amusement and your friends'. More RPP can be obtained regularly during ingame events organized by the event team.

4) Making your own chat channel (interguild alliance, for example) is now possible by typing: /channel

5) Dante the Teaser: The Marauder's spawn and fight system has been corrected to some exploits, and is now back online. But beware; because of your teasing of Dante it has made him not happy at all ...

6) New variable tokens have been added to the client. The new system will enable you to make chat texts and emotes more dynamic. They are available at any time and in any hunt! For more details click here!

7) Various additions and corrections:

  • Sorting of contacts and guild lists is now possible. Several methods of sorting are offered and the selected order is saved between sessions.
  • A 3D preview of items is now shown in the info window.
  • We have removed the camps observers, and the associated missions as they have outlived their usefulness. The camps themselves remain unchanged.
  • When you get to the maximum grade 6 in an occupation the experience bar is no longer displayed displayed.
  • The civilization picks have a new look.
  • Prices of civilization items have been revised downwards.
  • The correct message is now displayed when a player with an incompatible allegiance with your guild is invited to join.
  • You can now view the time of your PC via 2 options:
  • The first via "U" Interface/HUD and then check "Show Clock in Compass."
  • The second via "U" Interface/Chat colors and check "Show Timestamps in Chat" to display a timestamp ([HH:mm:ss]) before all chat messages.

For the patch forum click here!

We will not say more and let you discover the rest yourself...

Downloads, info, & more: Ryzom on ggFTW!

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