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Realm of the Titans Showcase: Abraxas

Realm of the Titans
Realm of the Titans

Aeria Games released a showcase for the hero Abraxas in the upcoming DotA-inspired MMO Realm of the Titans. Abraxas is described as a "beefy support hero" which we presume to mean a tank-type combined with the list of support-type skills provided by Aeria.

Abraxas sports four skills. First is Mighty Throw causing damage and inflicting stun. The second is Bolster which increases the character's damage based upon total health. Third is Battle Cry, a support skill increasing nearby allies' movement and attack speed.  Finally, the Majesty skill gains vision, inflicts damage, and lowers the enemy's defense while increasing the defense of allies.

Two images of Abraxas after the break.

Realm of the Titans Screenshots

Realm of the Titans Screenshots


Downloads, info, & more: Realm of the Titans on ggFTW!

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