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Pangya Says Happy Birthday Lucia


As one of the only games we know to celebrate character (not player) birthdays, Pangya has announced three events in celebration. Off-topic, although these characters have birthdays we've never actually seen them age. Kooh should be in her mid-twenties by now starting her age with Pangya JP's release. Anyway…

The first event, titled "Pangya's Got Talent," requests players create and upload videos covering Pangya OST tracks to YouTube. The ten best receive some Pangya points.

The second event is a lost and found for Lucia's items yielding in-game items to participants. Finally, any SG interactive event would not be complete without OMG SALE in the cash shop. There you have it, it's here.

We didn't get any screenshots; just some rather awkward banners that were probably blasted out on the SGI site anyway.

Happy birthday, she-who-does-not-age!

Downloads, info, & more: Pangya on ggFTW!

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