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New Ships in Voyage Century Online

Voyage Century
Voyage Century

The dark-blue sea hides fantastic fortunes and unbelievable danger. Hundreds of years ago, there were no modern warships or aircraft carriers. During that age, ships were propelled by the wind and armed with cannons. These masted marvels were the queens of the sea. Voyage Century is set in the 16th century, giving players a taste of the history of these craft, from the most Spartan to the most majestic.

Armed Ship
When there are fortunes to be won or lost, war is unavoidable. If you want to be ready for a fight, an Armed Ship is an obvious choice. There are 12 levels of Armed Ship in Voyage Century, so you'll never be lacking an option if it's firepower you need.

Voyage Century Online Screenshots

Raiding Ship
Boasting a reputation for speed over armaments or space for cargo, Raiding Ships are most effective when a quick strike is crucial. At level 12, such a ship really comes into its own, offering high attack power and good capacity while retaining a speed advantage. What more could a captain want than such a hull crewed by qualified sailors and equipped with excellent weapons?

Voyage Century Online Screenshots

Trading Ship
Voyage Century is much more than a beautifully vivid simulation of warfare on the high seas. A massive international trade system adds depth and complexity beyond any simple combat game. That's why it's so important for players to have a reliable Trading Ship at the ready. As the level increases, the amount of money you can earn with these ships grows.

Voyage Century Online Screenshots

From the smallest vessels to the grandest warships, Voyage Century offers plenty of choices for captains throughout their careers. Even the saltiest of swabbies appreciates a fine and sturdy hull beneath his feet. Grab the wheel of yours today and she'll take you to places beyond the horizon, where your legend will swell until you become a master of the sea!

Visit the official Voyage Century Online site at for the latest game info and more. Visit to learn more about IGG's growing family of games.

Downloads, info, & more: Voyage Century on ggFTW!

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