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New Profession System in Florensia


Florensia, the hit maritime MMORPG from alaplaya, has a bit of news today. Players can, starting today, begin to work on one of four professions: the armor smith, the weapon smith, the goldsmith, or the alchemist. Through training these professions, Florensia players will be able to craft a number of useful items to use in their travels.

The four professions in Florensia are each divided up into five levels of skill. When players excel in their chosen profession, they will be able to craft bigger and greater items, as long as they have managed to garner enough items from the enemies they've combated along the way. Players can feel free to change professions along the way as well, if they are unsatisfied with the one they currently have.

For more information, please check out Florensia.

Downloads, info, & more: Florensia on ggFTW!

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