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New Heroes in Avalon Heroes

Avalon Heroes
Avalon Heroes

The free-to-play online RTS RPG Avalon Heroes turns up the heat just in time for Easter! Following the launch of FIRESTORM!, the contest of the year, the time has come to introduce a bunch of new heroes. Two brand-new heroes and two random heroes have just been added to the already plentiful roster.

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Preto and Myowol – these are the names of the two latest warriors. Preto the mage in particular offers an enormous recognition value – not only because of his fearsome long-distance attacks , but also based on his bizarre looks. However, Myowol , a young woman, tries to match him bit for bit. Instead of magic, this nimble fighter relies on her excellent melee abilities and skills. But this is only the beginning! Bardek and Mushita are the two new random heroes that can be unlocked by playing via the Random Cube. While Bardek proves to be a perfect tank in furious battles, young Mushita boasts magical powers and lightning-fast long-range attacks.

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Besides these four new heroes, there is even more: Gandilva, Mitsuki, Adelia, Drake, Chadel, and Pallas strut their stuff in heroic new outfits. Moreover, it is now possible to purchase random boxes directly in order to make it even easier to obtain the in-game currency, Aron. And some extremely lucky Avalon Heroes players may even rake in 100,000, 250,000, or 1,000,000 Aron.

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Avalon Heroes is free to play! For more information, please visit the official website,, or the alaplaya Facebook page (

Avalon Heroes Artwork

Downloads, info, & more: Avalon Heroes on ggFTW!

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