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Myth War II Racial Profiles Part 1

Myth War II Online
Myth War II Online

Myth War II Online, the history of the human race is a story of triumphing over challenges great and small. Though they began their new lives on Rarus Continent with little, hard work, intelligence and dedication soon helped them build a strong empire protected by equally stalwart and resourceful champions. In part 1 of our series on the four races of Myth War II, humans take center stage.

Human history on Rarus Continent began in Divine Period 628, when their leader, Arcas, brought his people to settle in Soma Plain. The wide-open spaces gave them plenty of room to grow, and an abundance of materials and plant life to sustain that growth. Blessed with peace and prosperity in this beautiful land, there was nothing that could hold them back.

By Divine Period 640, Arcas had become emperor of the Human Empire. Later known as Arcas I to those who followed, his guidance helped establish a huge and grand kingdom and his people led happy, cozy lives. During this time, humans and elves made a long-term pact. The humans traded materials for the elves' knowledge of martial arts and magic. With their strong bodies and quick minds, the humans proved adept at learning and using these skills. Soon even the elves had to admit that the humans had surpassed them in many areas.

In Divine Period 659, human society had progressed from the Empire Era to the Technology Era. Human technology drove manufacturing and industry to new heights, and humanity's achievements were wondrous to behold. Industrialization did not prevent them from showing equal zeal toward spiritual matters. They worshipped the god Gaea with such reverence that any who questioned their beliefs were labeled heretics. There were churches everywhere throughout human lands.

Now that strife has descended upon Rarus Continent, humans have taken a leading role in combating evil on all fronts. Those who show the greatest skill and promise are known as Ghost Warriors and Demon Warriors.

Ghost Warrior (Paladin)
Compared with other classes, Paladins have stronger life and energy and can attack enemies with unrivaled power. Human men who take on the role of a Paladin are masters of the sword and combat. Senior Paladins can become Magic Swordsmen.

Demon Warrior (Thief)
Thieves mainly use weapons like the short sword and dagger. Their abilities and defenses are crucial to success in battle. Their great agility and prowling skills help them find the best point from which to strike. Thieves are master assassins that any who oppose them come to fear. Senior Thieves can become Thugs.

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