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Mini Fighter Has Zombies Too

Mini Fighter
Mini Fighter

Judging from recent news, game publishers can't get enough of two things: vampires and zombies. Mini Fighter has just implemented a mode of the latter; Netmarble announced a new zombie mode for the brawler today.

The battles will commence in the battle room (go figure, eh?) and players who are defeated by zombies will become zombies (just like Resident Evil, Microvolts, Highschool of the Dead, Zombieland, [insert other zombie media here]).

Two Mini Fighter events were also announced. The Power Ryusei event runs until July 28th allowing players to receive prizes for 9 or 12 star Power Ryusei cards.

Players may also participate in a slot machine event over the same period in which slots run every 20 minutes for prizes.

Check our the latest undead update through the screenshots below or by logging into Mini Fighter.

Mini Fighter Screenshots

Mini Fighter Screenshots

Mini Fighter Screenshots

Mini Fighter Screenshots

Downloads, info, & more: Mini Fighter on ggFTW!

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