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MapleStory Launches Much-Anticipated PvP


The Chaos update for MapleStory has entered the Age of Battle phase bringing player-versus-player (PvP) action to Nexon's highly successful MMORPG at long last. Players can earn EXP as well as battle points for PvP item purchase through the new system.

MapleStory's PvP has two modes: free-for-all and team match. Free-for-all matches can hold up to eight players whereas team matches battle two teams of three to six players.

Additionally, MapleStory PvP introduces a league system ranking players based upon character level into four groups: Rookie, Gladiator, Veteran, and Legend.

Chaos isn't finished in MapleStory; look for more updates soon!

MapleStory Screenshots

MapleStory Screenshots

MapleStory Screenshots

MapleStory Screenshots

Downloads, info, & more: MapleStory on ggFTW!

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