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LEGO Universe Launching Free to Play Instance

Lego Universe
Lego Universe

The free-to-play model seems to be sweeping the subscription market like wildfire. LEGO Universe is the latest title to announce a free-to-play version following announcements from Ragnarok Online, Global Agenda, and others.

The difference, however, is that LEGO Universe plans to offer no microtransaction model at this time (cash shop for you player-types) and plans to fund operations completely through subscribed players.

The free version will offer limited game content in the hopes players get hooked and convert to paying players.

We say good idea on the free-to-play model, but we aren't going to hold our breaths to see how that "limited access" plan plays out. Good luck!

LEGO Universe Artwork

LEGO Universe Artwork

LEGO Universe Artwork

Downloads, info, & more: Lego Universe on ggFTW!

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