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Legend of Edda Launches Chapter 2 Today

Legend of Edda
Legend of Edda

Calling it the "biggest Legend of Edda Update since launch," GamesCampus launched its Chapter 2 update to MMORPG Legend of Edda today. Legend of Edda Chapter 2: Return of the Gods promises new job class advancements at level 40 including Templar, Champion, Shadow Runner, Scout Bishop, and Necromancer.

For the record, we're rather pleased to see another game implement the Necromancer class. It's rather under-represented in the MMO world.

Legend of Edda Artwork

Chapter 2 also brings higher guild levels and new guild skills to increase experience and drop rates for guild members.

Additionally, the Chapter 2 update brings four new open world maps with new monsters, items, and quests. With the maps come three new instanced dungeons in which players can battle for some of the best equipment currently in-game.

Finally, the update brings a volley of user experience and user interface updates including 360 degree camera rotation, friend system updates, mail system, custom keymapping, and faction buffs. Whereas updates like the camera rotation affect individual players, the faction buffs seem to be server-wide and can possibly increase the experience and drop rates for an entire faction.

This update definitely ranks in the top game updates we've seen; that's a lot of stuff to add for a single path. Kudos to the GamesCampus team for pulling it off.

Downloads, info, & more: Legend of Edda on ggFTW!

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