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League of Legends Launches Tribunal

League of Legends
League of Legends

If only Tribunal started with an "L", we could have abbreviated this title LoLLL... nevermind.

Riot Games announced a new feature to League of Legends: the Tribunal. The Tribunal attempts to crowdsource rule compliance by allowing players to sit on anonymous juries for peer review. Players can access the tribunal from the League of Legends website under the account control panel.

Once assigned to a jury, the system presents players with a random harassment report including relevant information such as chat logs and stats. Players then vote on whether or not the defendant should be convicted.

I c wut u did thar, but we're concerned that player privacy could be put at stake with this new system. Would you be comfortable knowing random players could see your chat logs and stats when you're reported for harassment? What's not to stop players from reporting others just for a chance to see what they've been talking about?

Also, video.

Downloads, info, & more: League of Legends on ggFTW!

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