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The Latest Fighter Joins the Grand Chase!

Grand Chase
Grand Chase

Here's a bit of news for you, straight from the desks of SG Interactive: Rufus Wilde is going to join the ranks of heroes available for Grand Chase players to try to master. Rufus is a specialist at close to mid-range attacks, and can stun enemies with powerful summoned weapons. Grand Chase players have the ability to preview Rufus now, but he is set to debut on December 20th.

In preparation for Rufus' arrival to the world of Grand Chase, SG Interactive is playing host to a number of in-game events which will unlock a special mission for Rufus. From now until December 20th, players will receive a Crystal of Other Worldly Powers for each day they log in, and will receive more crystals for staying logged in. Players who collect 10 crystals can combine them for the Rufus Mission Voucher. Also, players who are online on December 17th at 3 PM PST should click an alarm clock on screen, to receive the Rufus Mission Voucher.

For more information, please check out Grand Chase!

Downloads, info, & more: Grand Chase on ggFTW!

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