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Langrisser Schwarz Details Revealed

Langrisser Schwarz
Langrisser Schwarz

During the Gamania Game Show, new information was released about the upcoming MMORPG Langrisser Schwarz. Some of the information includes the option to join any of the three forces, a re-structured class tree, and the mercenary system.

The game will begin with the Goddess Lushiris giving players a quiz to determine which of the three factions, Light, Empire, and Dark, is the most suitable. Based on the selection, there will be entirely different scenarios for each player. After the quiz, players will select one of the following classes: warrior, ranger, guardian, archer, mage, and priest. From that point, they will work towards character promotion, each class tree offering two promotions.

Langrisser Schwarz also offers a rebirth system, allowing players to develop a unique skill build by leveling up as different classes. Upon hitting the highest tier of the class tree, a player can rebirth with a runestone, allowing them to start in a different class tree while maintaining all their previous skills.

For more information, please check out Langrisser Schwarz at the official website:

Downloads, info, & more: Langrisser Schwarz on ggFTW!

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