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iPhone MMORPG Pocket Legend's 1 Year Anniversary

Pocket Legends
Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends, Spacetime Studios' runaway hit MMORPG on Android and iOS, will celebrate its One Year Anniversary by giving away all main premium areas starting on April 19.

New and existing players will get full access to Balefort Castle, Fathom Crypts, The Lost Expedition, The Ancient Swamps, Balefort Sewers and The Alien Oasis Trilogy which will allow characters to play up to the level cap for free. These premium areas will remain free until Monday, May 4, 2011.

Participating in the anniversary celebration alongside Pocket Legends, GetJar has made the Pocket Legends appavailable via their distribution platform. GetJar is the world's largest open app store with more than 1.5 billion downloads to date.

"GetJar is delighted to be working with Spacetime Studios during the anniversary celebration of their breakout mobile MMO," said Patrick Mork, chief marketing officer for GetJar. "Pocket Legends' ease-of-play, cross-platform approach and compelling gameplay make it a must-have title for mobile gamers around the world and we look forward to being a key distribution partner and part of their continued success."

In addition to hundreds of hours of free game play during the anniversary celebration, Spacetime Studios has prepared several other in-game activities. Each Towne will sport anniversary decorations such as giant birthday cakes, streamers, and balloons. Special in game items such as party hats will also be made available to all players.

"They say I'm crazy for doing this. They say I lost it – that Pocket Legends has changed me forever," explains Cinco Barnes, Chief Vision Officer, Spacetime Studios. "My YouTube video explains it all. They can take away my coffee, but they will never take... My platinum!"

Pocket Legends One YearAnniversary Fast Facts:

  • Upwards of three million people have played Pocket Legends
  • Pocket Legends is currently played in 200 countries
  • Pocket Legends has been updated more than 200 times
  • The technology backbone of Pocket Legends - the Spacetime Engine - took five years and 10 million dollars to build

Downloads, info, & more: Pocket Legends on ggFTW!

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