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Huge Expansion Announced for Fiesta


An exciting announcement has just been made for Outspark's hit MMORPG, Fiesta. The free-to-play MMO is set to receive a huge update this winter. The expansion, which is named 'Expedition to Adealia', is going to bring a number of characters to the game, including some strong allies and some frightening monsters, as well as an entire new continent.

Coming along with the update, Fiesta players will be excited to know that the level cap is going to be raised. Additionally, there is going to be an open world dungeon released, with bosses that drop some pretty stellar loot, for those players who challenge them.

For more information, check out Fiesta! But for now, please check out these screenshots from the upcoming update:

fiesta online

fiesta online

fiesta online

Downloads, info, & more: Fiesta on ggFTW!

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