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Hellgate Halloween Celebration


Hellgate Global, T3Fun's hit MMORPG, is set to celebrate Halloween this November with a series of events that are sure to have players from all over the globe busy. The events include "Halloween Heads for Heads", "Hellrush", "Level and Be Rewarded", "Daily Supplies", and "Condition: EXP Bonus".

The Halloween Heads for Heads event will have Hellgate players collecting Lucky Coupons, and exchanging them for a number of different items, including things such as a Death Mask, the Face of Evil, All Hallow's Visage, a Pumpkin Head, and Ichabod's Bane.

The Hellrush event is being brought back for November, since it was so wildly successful in October. During the Hellrush event, Hellgate players will be gaining a 100% experience bonus for defeating monsters during the event.

The event From Heaven to Hell is a recruitment event. Hellgate Global is opening its doors to players from Aika Global. Any players who migrate from Aika to Hellgate will be given rewards upon hitting certain level requirements.

For more information, please check out Hellgate!

Downloads, info, & more: Hellgate on ggFTW!

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