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Gun-Smoking Content Update for Project Blackout

Project Blackout
Project Blackout

SG Interactive, developer and publisher of several popular free-to-play games, today announced the arrival of the first major update to multiplayer shooter Project Blackout. The update includes new maps, weapons, items and two unique events.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, SG Interactive is adding special V-Mission Cards to the game which will give players themed bonuses for completing specific tasks during matches. In addition, enthusiastic players will be rewarded for showing off their skills in the Confirmed Kills UGC Video Contest. To participate, users simply need to create a YouTube video and post it to the Project Blackout Facebook page. The new game content and events are all available immediately, with the Valentine's Day Mission Cards expiring on March 9 and the video contest ending Feb. 22.

Project Blackout Screenshots

"We are well known for consistently adding fresh content to all of our games," said Chris Lee, CEO of SG Interactive. "This update to Project Blackout not only adds some cool new guns, it is also the first in an extensive series of updates and events we will be offering our players."

Project Blackout Screenshots

The new in-game content includes:

  • New Weapons: Brand-new toys to blast away with, including Dual Desert Eagles and the fearsome Combat Machete.
  • New Items: Show off your character and get a boost to your abilities by equipping items like the Death Mask or Target Tracking Headgear.
  • Two New Maps: Crackdown, a small map designed for fierce action, and Kick Point, which features a large tower in the middle that will provide a sizable bonus to whichever team is able to secure it first.

For more information about Project Blackout, to snag a pair of Desert Eagles, or to learn more about this month's events, please visit the official website at

Visit Project Blackout on Facebook at

Downloads, info, & more: Project Blackout on ggFTW!

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