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Gala Networks Europe, the operator of the gaming portal, has just revealed the Valentine's-themed events that it will be holding throughout its entire collection of MMO games through the holiday period. A wide variety of events will be coming to Canaan Online, Castle of Heroes, Dragonica (known as Dragon Saga in North America), FlyFF, Rappelz, and Terra Militaris.

Canaan Online will be holding events on February 14th that will send experience point items to its players, as well as running events to win marriage items. Castle of Heroes will be celebrating from February 14th through the 19th with a two-part Romeo and Juliet quest, as well as a Facebook contest.

Dragonica will be seeing the return of the Cookie Factory mission map, as well as two new bosses, Coofie and Ademia. Players will be rewarded for completing the mission with event items which can be exchanged for new jewelry sets. Additionally, Cupid outfits will be available and a new vending machine will be available in Port of the Winds.

From February 9th through February 23rd, FlyFF will be visited by two unique NPCs, an angel and a devil. A special monster, the Love Thief, will also appear. Players who defeat the Love Thief will obtain pieces of broken heart, which can be exchanged with the angel and devil NPCs for various rewards. Whichever side has had the most tickets collected at the end of the event will win some pretty cool rewards.

Valentine's Day in Rappelz will bring special herb and flower drops, which can be combined to create a special lucky box. From this box, players can get some powerful items including rings and bouquets. Valentine's chocolate will also appear in drops during the event period, which runs from February 7th through the 14th. Players will also be able to participate in an event to win a special "Love" Looting Pet together.

In addition to the Valentine's events, the month of February marks the 4th anniversary of the German and French Rappelz servers. As such, players will be rewarded with a 100% drop, 100% Lak, and 100% experience bonus. Players will also be able to find 'Anniversary Boxes', which will allow players to get items normally available only in the Guild of Merchants. There will also be a special giveaway organized by the Rappelz team.

And in Terra Militaris, from February 9th through the 16th, players will be able to enjoy double experience, with triple experience occuring on teh 14th of February. Taxes will be removed in the auction house for the entirety of the week, and there will also be a special Facebook event.

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