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GodsWar Online New Update Coming Soon

GodsWar Online
GodsWar Online

IGG has just released new information regarding an upcoming patch for their MMO GodsWar Online. The update will bring with it a number of features, including a raised level cap, a new storyline, new areas to explore, new enemies, and much more.

One of the new features being brought about is gender change. After the patch is completed, special NPCs will be able to offer gender change services.

The GodsWar Online patch will also bring the Class Suit III gear, as well as additional upgrades for Holy Vestments. Players will also be able to add another attribute to their Class Suits. Once players have their Class Suit III, they are encouraged to try out the revamped Wonderland instance to earn medals to exchange for items used to upgrade the Class Suit.

The changes to the Wonderland instance are mostly subtle, but there are some boss spell improvements. However, if players meet certain requirements, bosses will actually be weakened. The Wonderland medals can also be exchanged for items to improve attacks.

For more information, please try out IGG's GodsWar Online!

Downloads, info, & more: GodsWar Online on ggFTW!

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