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GodsWar Online: Introducing the Mount Shifter

GodsWar Online
GodsWar Online

As more and more new mounts are added to the mythical, magical Greece of GodsWar Online, players may find there are too many to choose from. Changing mounts and spending time nurturing a new one until it has just the right stats takes too long and wastes a perfectly good mount. Why not simply change your mount's appearance instead of abandoning it and starting over? With the mount shifter, players can do exactly that.

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To change the appearance of a mount, you'll need to get a mount shifter from the Mount Feeder NPC in your faction's main city. Rather than purchasing or earning an item that will do the task, all you need to do is bring the NPC a mount that has the looks you want for your existing ride. He can transform the spare mount into a mount shifter. If you give him an African Lion, he will help transform it into a Mount Shifter: African Lion.

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Once you have a mount shifter and a mount you wish to transform, give them both to the Mount Feeder NPC to swap their appearances while retaining their stats. Handing over a Nemean Wolf mount and a Mount Shifter, African Lion gets you an African Lion with your old wolf's stats. Even better, you also get a Mount Shifter: Nemean Wolf, so you can change your mount's appearance back whenever you like. Since the transformation doesn't change your mount's stats, you end up with the best of both without all the hard work.

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Dozens of types of mounts have already been introduced to GodsWar Online. Whether you get them from quests, battlefields, or events, mounts add a fun new dimension to your gaming experience. With the mount shifter feature, you can change things up whenever you get a new mount you'd like to try. Go ahead and give your mount a change of face today!

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Visit the official GodsWar Online site at for additional details on the mount shifter feature. Visit to learn more about IGG's growing family of games.

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