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GodsWar Online Interviews Jesus

GodsWar Online
GodsWar Online

Since June, GodsWar Online has been holding a monthly player focus event. Each month an elite character is selected and interviewed based on criteria related to the character's stats and popularity. Each month a different class is selected from the four classes available in GWO. Priest has been chosen for September, so let's take a quick look at the class before we talk with this month's shining example of a class that's filled with bright stars.

The Life of a Priest
With a heavy shield in one hand and a gleaming sword in the other, a fearsome, husky Warrior is usually the center of attention in combat. As envoys of the Gods, Priests sometimes get lost in the mix because the roles they play are not as flashy as those of Warriors or Mages. However, Priests are a vital element in a successful party, since they can both cure injured teammates and remove curses. When you're heading into a tough battle, it's always wise to take along a skilled Priest.

The Star of September Is Jesus
The Star of September is a Priest who has pushed the boundaries of success. Based on the Hades server, he's a member of the guild led by Legendized. Jesus has been in GWO since January 2009 and has remained active in-game throughout. Having reached the pinnacle of his profession at Level 130, he has plenty of experiences to share.

With but a glance at Jesus' stats chart, it's easy to see that he excels in almost all aspects, embracing a balanced approach to character building. What stands out the most, though, is the unbelievable amount of Holy Suit points Jesus has amassed: 222. Typically 150 points is enough to claim elite status.

A Short Interview with Jesus
GM: Can you please tell us why you chose Priest as your main character?
Jesus: I really like being able to help others and I've always liked magic-based characters, so being a Priest fit perfectly.

GM: As a Priest, what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of the class in PVP?
Jesus: Well, the greatest disadvantage for Priests is that they are really hard to build, so you have to be really patient. Basically they start slow and end really well, but even a really well-built priest is a slow killer against strong opponents. As for advantages, well we can't be killed, lol! We have crazy survivability which makes us perfect for large battles, healing teammates and doing final hits on enemies. Let's just say a good Priest can make a huge difference between a winning team and a losing team.

GM: That's true. At this point which class do you think is the biggest threat to a Priest in PVP and why?
Jesus: Well, I'd have to say a Champ. Champs can throw down a lot of skills really quickly, which doesn't give us time to heal. Plus they have high dodge/hit which makes it hard for us to hit them and gives them a better chance of overcoming a Priest's high dodge. I hate fighting champs!

Until Next Time
Congratulations to Jesus for earning top honors as the Star of September! Visit the official site at for more on GodsWar Online events. Keep building your character and maybe someday you'll shine as bright as this month's star!

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