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GodsWar Online: Glittering Gear Proves Power

GodsWar Online
GodsWar Online

Words are but wind, but seeing is believing. The same is true in GodsWar Online, a 3D fantasy MMORPG set in the mythological world of ancient Greece. Why boast of your power when the glittering gear feature lets you show everyone just how awesome you are?

In GodsWar Online, player characters glitter dazzlingly when wearing items that are so good that their quality shines through. As equipment improves, it begins to glitter. The glitter changes as the item continues to reach new levels. Before long, it becomes obvious when a player has some seriously cool gear.

There are 9 ranks of glittering armor, indicated by the kind of light they radiate. Glittering weapons have 7 ranks indicated by 5 types of glitter effects (ranks 5-7 emit the same rays of light). To enable equipment to glitter, you need to improve its overall rank by raising its quality, increasing its star level, attaching additional attributes to it, embedding Holy Stones, or other methods. All it takes is a little work to begin shining enough to make your friends and rivals take notice.

To improve the quality and star level of equipment, simply click the "Forge" button in your inventory and follow the directions. To attach additional attributes, embed Holy Stones or create special vestments, find the appropriate NPC in your faction's capital city.

When you learn to appreciate the benefits of glittering gear, you'll soon be able to judge a potential opponent's capabilities. Whether you decide to retreat in the face of a threat beyond your comfort zone or scare off those who might otherwise try their luck against you, a healthy respect for glittering gear can go a long way. You may even find your light attracts followers who wish to bask in your glory. If you've got it, go ahead and flaunt it, hero!

Visit the official GodsWar Online site at for additional details on the gear glitter feature. Visit to learn more about IGG's growing family of games.

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