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ggFTW Server Outage July 2011

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As everyone's probably noticed by now, we had a period of prolonged outage starting on July 15th and continuing through the 16th. We should have most of the underlying issues resolved right now but this began a massive transition for us and we're not out of the water yet.

Declining service levels from our hosting provider has forced a decision to migrate to a different platform. We were gearing up to make this move early August; circumstances have forced that migration faster.

Short answer: we're on a new platform.

We'll continue to have weird stuff happen for the next week or so while we iron everything out. If all goes according to plan we'll end up with a more stable and more scalable ggFTW for everyone.

If you do run across any issues, please report them in our Site Bugs forum.

Thanks for flying ggFTW!

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