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Genesis A.D. Open Beta Expanded

Genesis A.D.
Genesis A.D.

Genesis A.D,'s new twitch-action sci-fi shooter, received a massive content update this week, including four new multiplayer maps and a host of new weapons and armor. Genesis A.D. fans can now battle it out in Blackout and Titan Lab for Demolition Mode, Castle for Deathmatch Mode and Duelist for Blaster Mode, where players take down opponents using only the game's mini-chainsaw melee weapon.

To aid players in battle, ijji also made an arsenal of new futuristic weapons and armor available for each character class, including:

Assault Class:

  • KOD GK-9 Rifle
  • Prey GV-9 Shotgun
  • Zeta Suit

Supplier Class:

  • Templon Suit
  • Reddish P Pack

Sniper Class:

  • Morphing Suit
  • Multy Backpack

All Classes:

  • M500 Pistol
  • Vital Headgear
  • EMZ Suit
  • EMZ Backpack

Downloads, info, & more: Genesis A.D. on ggFTW!

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