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Forsaken World's Dev Diary 6

Forsaken World
Forsaken World

With Forsaken World live and instead of slowing down at Perfect World Entertainment, we have chosen to crank up the sixth Forsaken World Dev Diary featuring Forsaken World's marketplace. While it's definitely not necessary in order to enjoy the game, the marketplace will offer players convenience items from unique fashion items to quick-footed mounts that are meant to supplement their gameplay experience, and not define it.

On a solemn note, we have teamed up with the American Red Cross to help aid Japan in a time of crisis. Over three weeks ago, Japan was hit with a devastating 8.9 earthquake followed by a tsunami, which left thousands dead and countless without homes.

Special Red Cross items have been released in our games. With 50% of the proceeds going directly to the American Red Cross, players will have two weeks, starting today through to April 13, to help donate towards the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund.

Downloads, info, & more: Forsaken World on ggFTW!

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