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FlyFF Act VII: Rise of the Murano


gPotato Europe is pleased to announce the launch date of the upcoming Act VII: Rise of the Murano expansion for its manga-style MMORPG Fly For Fun. Available on French servers from 25 October and German servers on 27 October, the extension brings a wide variety of new content to the vibrant land of Madrigal.

The Murano, a recently discovered NPC race of feline warriors, has emerged from the heart of the Kailun Grassland. From their home in Elliun Village, they have so far been unable to communicate with other inhabitants of Madrigal and their intentions are unknown. Do they want peace, or do they hide a mysterious secret? Either way, their skilled blacksmiths have introduced a brand new upgrade system, allowing players from across the land to enchant their weapons and develop powerful new weapons.

The Behemos Dungeon is packed with brand new aggressive enemies for players over level 129. A powerful boss awaits parties who can defeat him, offering a huge battle and powerful weaponry as a reward. Only by carefully selecting a balanced group of players can you prevail in this challenging new area as the new aggro system sees enemies targeting the most vulnerable members of the party.

Rise of the Murano also introduces a number of gameplay improvements. The level cap has been increased to level 140, 60 new quests have been added for low and high level players, as well as guild members. Eight new class evolutions have also been introduced offering players brand new skills. The names of these classes will be revealed during a series of community events on the Flyff website and forums.

With over one million French and German players since the game launched four years ago, Fly For Fun continues to prove popular with European players. To start playing, simply create a free account at the portal and download the game client.

For more information on Fly For Fun and it's new expansion, visit the official website at

Downloads, info, & more: FlyFF on ggFTW!

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