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Florensia Pet System Up and Running


burda:ic, a leading publisher of online games worldwide, today announced the arrival of the much-anticipated Pet System for maritime fantasy MMORPG Florensia. No matter where their travels take them amongst the islands of the Hoomanil Ocean, players will never have to adventure alone again!

In this first of many planned updates, two furry companions that specialize in looting - Hwanggu and Patrasche – have been added. Both of them will automatically pick up enemy loot drops and return them to a character's inventory, allowing players to focus on taking out the next enemy while their pets collect the goods. Future pets will be able to help out with a variety of other tasks, including direct support in battle, and some will even have their own health, mana points for skills, and levels.

To obtain one of these four-legged companions, players simply need to visit the Florensia Item Shop and purchase a Spirit Pendant. These pendants can be equipped just like any other item, and they give players the option to summon their new partner whenever they'd like.

To view the Florensia Pet System trailer, head to:

For more information about the Pet System and Florensia's adventure-filled world, visit

Downloads, info, & more: Florensia on ggFTW!

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