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Fists of Fu Commercial Launch

Fists of Fu
Fists of Fu

Outspark's officially released its popular free-to-play Fists of Fu today. Fists of Fu is a free-to-play, action-adventure featuring a beat'em up multiplayer storyline, and anime style graphics, and an immersive 3-D environment. Join your friends to take on the evil Monster King and his armies. Master dozens of skills as you learn the martial arts of the Fighter, Magician, and Archer classes. Use your deadly combos and special moves to beat up your friends in Player vs. Player battles, and challenge PKers for rare items.

The younger kids love Fu -- his wiggle, his jiggle, his swagger, his bearish shape. Adults love the Fu because it's a 3D sidescroller that feels like a console family-friendly hit. It makes people remember an age of Mario, smash bros., with easy-to-learn mechanics, multiplayer modes and brain-candy pleasures bolstered by distinctly MMO capabilities, such as, rich sets of vanities in the store, a well-thought-out achievement system and a particularly well executed PVP arena.

You may also download Fists of Fu directly from ggFTW at

Downloads, info, & more: Fists of Fu on ggFTW!

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Fists of Fu - ggFTW First 10

Fists of Fu - ggFTW First 10
Uploaded: March 25th, 2011

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