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Evony Celebrates Second Anniversary


Ah, Evony... it seems like just yesterday you were plastering irrelevant but delicious breasts all over the Internet's ad spaces and now you're all grown up!

To celebrate its second year anniversary, the persistent city-building game is hosting events to give players a chance to win items and "celebrity status." We're not really sure what's meant by that; perhaps your boobs could be featured in the next Evony ad!

We probably shouldn't be giving them such a hard time; Evony has cleaned up its marketing campaigns (or rather, removed altogether) and the site shows less skin than the new King of Kings III website skin.

Participation in the events is contingent upon following Evony's Twitter and Facebook pages. We didn't get any screenshots or juicy concept art to share, but we did get this small badge.

Evony Badge

I feel like this should go on a t-shirt. "My friends went to Evony's second anniversary celebration and all I got was this lousy badge!" Then again, captivating screenshots from a browser game are hard to come by...

Downloads, info, & more: Evony on ggFTW!

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