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European Tactical Intervention Announced

Tactical Intervention
Tactical Intervention

FIX Korea announced that the FPS game Tactical Intervention, presently undergoing development, will start its first testing services in the European market in the latter part of this year.

Tactical Intervention, which will be released by European publisher, 'Mayn Interactive', is scheduled to start its testing services at the end of this year. 'Mayn Interactive' is a publisher successfully servicing 'Twelve Sky 2' in Europe, and it has settled a contract with FIX Korea last November on services in the European district.

Tactical Intervention, having received the spotlight by the participation of Minh Le, presently Vice president of FIX Korea and, famously known as the original creator of 'Counter Strike', is gathering interest with its realistic graphics, dynamic action, and looking to revitalize MMO FPS market.

In the present, Tactical Intervention has received positive responses in the North American region on CBT tests and tests at internal offline events. Especially, the VIP escort mission mode, a unique game mode of Tactical Intervention, is most liked by testers due to cooperation between team members being emphasized. One can also enjoy shooting while driving.

Chang Hee Kim, the chief marketing officer at FIX Korea, stated that "Tactical Intervention is a strategic team play based game, and one should be able to feel strong achievement you wouldn't feel in previous FPS games."

Downloads, info, & more: Tactical Intervention on ggFTW!

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