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eDragons Closed Beta - Yay


LeKool announced its new browser-based MMO, eDragons, entered closed beta today less than one week after announcing the existence of the game. We're still trying to sort out the unique features of this game. LeKool states repeatedly in the PR that it's an RPG game with RPG storytelling bringing many RPG features.

The game features leveling up, participating in guilds, instance dungeons, and pets. Oh, and a slave system.

The PR is validated by a quote from WarDino saying something to the effect that the game is addicting with hours of fun.

We're sold; if WarDino says it then it must be.

(By the way, we're not making this up, this game REALLY has leveling up!)

ggFTW protip: If you want to make a case for a game, at least put SOME effort into trying to make it sound exciting. We almost fell asleep writing this piece.

We also have some screenshots.

eDragons Screenshots

eDragons Screenshots

eDragons Screenshots

Downloads, info, & more: eDragon on ggFTW!

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