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Dragon Nest Officially Launches

Dragon Nest
Dragon Nest

Nexon America has officially brought the open beta test of their action MMORPG Dragon Nest to a close, transitioning the game into the commercial launch. To go along with the launch, Nexon has released a large content update for the game which includes the town of Saint's Haven, a bunch of new dungeons, and a raised level cap to 32.

Nexon has released some statistics from the open beta test of Dragon Nest. During the open beta players completed a total of 103,387,490 dungeons, had 439,988 characters reach level 15 and get the first job change, had 206,214 characters reach the former level cap of 24, and had more than 2,957,400 deaths occur in Abyss dungeons (the hardest difficulty level for dungeons).

For more Dragon Nest information, check out their official website at the meantime, take a look at these images from the update:

dragon nest

dragon nest

dragon nest

Downloads, info, & more: Dragon Nest on ggFTW!

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