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Dragon Nest to Launch on September 28th

Dragon Nest
Dragon Nest

Nexon America has just announced that their popular action-packed MMORPG Dragon Nest will officially launch on Wednesday, September 28th. To accompany the launch, Nexon will be adding in a huge content update that will include a new main town, new dungeons, and a higher level cap. Players will retain everything from the open beta test as the game transitions to official release.

The update brings with it a massive amount of new quests, and an increased level cap of 32. Every class will have six to eight new skills to master. Alongside these new features, Dragon Nest will also be gaining the city of Saint's Haven, a locale which will become the new hub for players. Saint's Haven will have a number of new NPCs as well, so be ready.

The launch will also bring with it 10 new dungeons, which have over 250 new achievements for players to earn. New PvP ladder shop gear will also be made available, and faction venders will also be making their first appearance in the world of Dragon Nest, ready to offer players the opportunity to earn unique items.

There will also be a number of new events starting on the 28th, including bonus empowerment points and cash item giveaways.

For more information, please visit the official Dragon Nest website at In the meantime, check out these screenshots from the update!

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest

Downloads, info, & more: Dragon Nest on ggFTW!

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