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Crafty Patch for Craft of Gods

Craft of Gods
Craft of Gods

Kalicanthus announces that the patch Craft of Gods 1.52 has been published.

A lot of new features have been added like the daily quests. Each player can complete quests every 24 hours to gain experience and money. Daily quests tasks are common ones like gathering items or drop items but there are also three new instances (Astral Plane, Pandemonium, Secret Hide) where players can go to drop special items to gain Likho's Fern, an epic item that players can trade for Kuns, the F2P virtual currency.

Players can also participate to quiz quests, simple answer and question quests to test Craft of Gods knowledge and gain money and Kun free.

Introduced also achievements, around 50 different tasks to be completed to set title and receive special bonuses. Player can choose also their preferred title close their name after completed the achievement.

Released also the final version of the Land of Prav the realm vs realm area where players can fight to conquer the epic relic and open the secret hide of the Cave of Tallion, where new special bosses wait to be challenged. And in that area all the mobs drop Kun, the F2P currency.

To help new players it has been created a new tip system: every 30 minutes a message is written in chat with some helps, hints and directions

Upgraded also the mini-map function with new radar features.

Updated also the game engine to make the game more reliable and create a deeper game experience.

Downloads, info, & more: Craft of Gods on ggFTW!

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