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Conquer Online: Mac Version to Launch May 3rd

Conquer Online
Conquer Online

Since TQ Digital launched the Mac Beta Test for their free-to-play MMO, Conquer Online, thousands of Mac users have headed over to join the world of Conquer to experience the unique gaming adventure.

Earlier today, the TQ team announced that a new Mac server, named Garden of Eden, will be established on May 3rd to celebrate the upcoming official launch of the Mac Conquer. The game will be the first F2P 2.5D Chinese MMO to hit the Mac!

Currently, the Mac Conquer is still in beta phase and the test will be running from Apr. 8th Apr. 26th. Players who join this Beta Test will be provided with a full set of Super equipments, skills and some necessary in-game items so that they can go straight to testing out the gameplay. Theres only one more week before it concludes. If you havent joined it, you shouldnt be wasting time!

Here is a brief summary of Conquers Mac Beta so far:
Things are going smoothly; the TQ team has been collecting suggestions and reports since the beta started and the major glitches that were previously noted have been taken care of. The graphics fit in perfectly with the new OS system. The in-game creatures feel extremely lively and vivid on the MacBook screen. Functions, mostly the operations, have been modified to adapt to the new system. This means it may take a little patience to get used to the new controls for the Mac players who are also playing CO on Windows. It shouldnt be a problem, though.

Downloads, info, & more: Conquer Online on ggFTW!

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