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Combat Arms: Three New Weapon-Videos

Combat Arms
Combat Arms

Combat Arms, a fast-paced online first person shooter (FPS) from Nexon, has released three new armor-piercing arsenal videos. Soldiers looking to ramp up their skills on the long-range battlefield should look no further than the TRG-21 and TRG-SE, two brand new sniper rifles recently added to the Combat Arms arsenal. The XM8, a lightweight assault rifle, has also made its debut as a versatile and highly reliable weapon.

The TRG-21, a 7.62mm caliber bolt action sniper rifle, boasts a stainless steel barrel made of lightweight aluminum that delivers high-impact damage at long range. Its parent rifle, the TRG-SE, is a rare member of the TRG family with its increased portability and varied magnification scope to compliment the powerful magnum rounds it delivers. The SE supports a larger magazine, which lets soldiers unleash ten rounds before reloading.

The XM8, a next generation assault rifle, is a close iteration of the well known G36 rifle. It's praised for its ergonomic design, reduced recoil and its use of reinforced composite materials which allows for maximum reload efficiency and portability in combat scenarios.

Players looking for a sneak preview of unreleased Combat Arms weapons and gear should login now. Soldiers who play for an hour per day for the next 12 to 14 days have a chance to receive a brand new unreleased item for seven days.

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