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City of Heroes Launches Issue 19: Alpha Strike

City of Heroes
City of Heroes

NCsoft®, the world's premier publisher and developer of Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs), and Paragon Studios®, home of the world's most popular super-powered hero MMO, City of Heroes®, are excited to announce today's release of Issue 19: Alpha Strike! As the latest free update to the recently launched City of Heroes Going Rogue™ expansion, Issue 19: Alpha Strike! continues the Praetorian storylines introduced in Going Rogue. Players can now unlock amazing new powers and abilities as they begin to take on high-level challenges that have overwhelmed even the mightiest Heroes and Villains. Only the players, as newly awakened Incarnates, stand a chance of saving our world.

Issue 19 brings a roster of game enhancements and features including alternate animations for powers, new zone events and more. A complete list of features for players to look for includes:

  • The Alpha Slot: The first part of the new Incarnate system that gives high-level characters access to brand-new powers and epic challenges.
  • Two New Task Forces: With the Praetorians having begun their invasion of Primal Earth in Going Rogue, protecting Paragon City and the Rogue Isles from such overwhelming forces requires two familiar faces to help stop the invasion: the Hero Apex and the redesigned Tin Mage Mark II.
  • Three New Praetorian Zone Events: Allowing players to take part in three new world events that ultimately determine how the story will unfold, and allow players to earn new rewards.
  • Inherent Fitness Pool Powers: In a major quality of life improvement, the Fitness Pool Powers will now be granted to all new and existing characters starting from Level 2.
  • Alternate Power Animations: Giving players the option of being able to customize the animation for certain characters' powers.
  • And much more: Collect new Exploration Badges, experience Merged Monorails and Ferries, Mission Architect Enhancements and two new free Auras including Snow and Fireflies.

Paragon Studios has delivered 18 free major updates to the City of Heroes franchise since its launch in 2004. Issue 19 continues this tradition by introducing the eagerly anticipated Incarnate system to the series. Future Issues will give players even more access to Incarnate powers and challenges.

For more information on City of Heroes Going Rogue and Issue 19: Alpha Strike please visit the City of Heroes website, here.

Downloads, info, & more: City of Heroes on ggFTW!

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